Welcome 2014

As we started the new year of 2014 we are looking back over 2013 as a great year for ZEnet.

Alot of fun with both users and admins aswell as some minor fights, it’s all a part of life!

We continue to pop up idéas that would make a great impact on our network, some are bad some are wors.
But onces in a while someone comes up with something great and we all start to talk about how we can improve that idéa and implant it into our network.

Even tho we are a small network we love to get feedback from our users, since it’s for you we run thos servers trying to provide the best options for your stay.

We would like to welcome you all to the year of 2014 here on ZEnet and that more users joins our journey to make ZEnet a better place to stay on.

Remember that you can always contact us from our webpage or visit our #Help channel.


ZEnet Staff.

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