Security updates

Since a few months back, we switched to using letsencrypt certificates.
All users are recommended to switch to using TLS over port 6697 and enable certificate validation to make sure your connection is not being intercepted.

All leaf servers has certificates for these hostnames:


We have also dropped support for SSLv2 and v3, you now need TLS1.0 or later. Make sure to upgrade your client if you’re having issues connecting securely.

There has also been some work around combating spam bots – this should hopefully not affect regular users.

If you’re being killed without reason or are having problems connecting, please contact us

Is NSA watching?

With all the recent news in the media regarding the US government and NSA backbone wiretapping, we though it would be a good time to clarify what can and what cannot be intercepted on the ZEnet IRC Network.

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