IRCD Upgrades

In the upcoming days we will upgrade all of our servers to the latest version of UnrealIRCd (4.0.7)
This is to keep running the latest verion that also brings forth new options and futures for both admins and the normal user.

UnrealIRCd 4.0.7 also comes with bug fixes regarding ssl and more security that helps prevent hacking attempt onto our IRCDs.

If you need help please visit the Help page and/or our Contact page.

Weed is no more

One of our client servers weed.* is no more with us.

It was decided by the server admin WaiXan that had to close down the server due to some issues.

We would like to give WaiXan an big thanks for his support with this server and hope that he one day can provide us with another great server.

WaiXan will however be apart of our great ZEnet Family, to give all of you help and support when needed.

Client Server Weed Online

Just a few days ago we posted a news article about the client server weed.

The news from it is that it now has been moved to a new server with more CPU and more RAM.
That will also increase the stability of the server with a new few weaks made to it.

Enjoy connecting to the weed.* server once more 🙂

Thanks for flying with ZEnet 🙂

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