Q&A System

We are currently devloping a brand new system for our beloved network.

Q&A system that will provide an excellent, smart, functional & nicely looking way for devlopers of all kind to get feedback, live response from users.
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New website

ZEnet is pleased to announce their new website, which has been in development for some time by the Toolkit UK websites team.

We have choosen to base the new website on a popular cms to make it easier for the WebTeam and the visitors to interact with the site.

This website will transform during the weeks/months to make it as friendly as possible. As well as interact with our Services system to grant those who have an account on our network to login and view details, memoserv messages and much more.

Our WebTeam will work hard on a lot of things – if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment

We hope to see you in the world of chat 🙂

Visit our WebChat.



Mail issues

We have had some problems with our mail server during the day, the problems are now resolved. On a side note: We’ve made some changes to the mail you receive when registering a nickname. It now contains much more information than earlier.

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