The SET options in NickServ can be used to do a few diffrent things.
An example is that you can add a KILL protection to your account so the user trying to break into your account will be KILLED from the server by services for protection.

Syntax: SET option parameters

  • SET AUTOOP Sets whether services should set channel status modes on you automatically.
  • SET DISPLAY Set the display of your group in Services
  • SET EMAIL Associate an E-mail address with your nickname
  • SET GREET Associate a greet message with your nickname
  • SET HIDE Hide certain pieces of nickname information
  • SET KEEPMODES Enable or disable keep modes
  • SET KILL Turn protection on or off
  • SET LANGUAGE Set the language Services will use when messaging you
  • SET MESSAGE Change the communication method of Services
  • SET PASSWORD Set your nickname password
  • SET PRIVATE Prevent the nickname from appearing in the LIST command
  • SET SECURE Turn nickname security on or off
  • SET URL Associate a URL with your account
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